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Embodied Design


One Day Symposium on Embodied Design in Education

October 16 2015


Utrecht University, Van Lier en Egginkzaal, Heidelberglaan 8,Utrecht

Organized by Arthur Bakker, Marieke van der Schaaf, Shakila Shayan, & Paul Leseman (Utrecht University)


This symposium is aiming to exchange the newest insights on how to make embodied design productive for technology-enhanced learning environments. Speakers discuss what education can learn from embodied cognition research in mathematics, psycholinguistics, gesture and multimodality, ecological dynamics, kinesiology, as well as multimedia learning.

We are pleased to announce our speakers:

Harold Bekkering (Radboud University), Asli Ozyurek (Radboud University), Dor Abrahamson (University of California, Berkeley), Raúl Sánchez-García (European University of Madrid), Wim Pouw (Erasmus University Rotterdam), Erik Myin (University Antwerpen), Kristine De Martelaer (Vrije Universiteit Brussel and Utrecht University), and Tamara van Gog (Utrecht University).

This symposium is funded by Educational and Learning Sciences (Utrecht University). Participation is free of charge.

Here is the program:

By clicking on the title you can watch the recorded presentation

9:00 Arrival Welcome drinks
9:30 Arthur Bakker Opening and Introduction
9:45 Harold Bekkering The Proximity Zone of Learning
10:15 Wim Pouw Soliciting Embodied and Embedded Cognition During Learning and Problem Solving in Children and Adults
10:45 Tamara van Gog Effects of Observing and Imitating Gestures on Word Learning and Learning from Animations
11:15 Tea/Coffee Break
11:30 Asli Ozyurek Neural and Cognitive Infrastructure of Multimodal Language Processing and Learning: Implications for Multimedia Technology
12:00 Kristine De Martelaer The Role of The Specialist Physical Education & Movement Sciences in Embodied Cognition
12:30 Ken Koontz & Mina Johnson-Glenberg Alien Health: An Embodied Game Demonstration
12:45 Lunch + Interacting with Embodied Games and Applications
13:45 Erik Myin Radically Enactive Mind Design
14:15 Dor Abrahamson Cultivating Mathematical Concepts: Insights from Ecological Dynamics
14:45 Shakila Shayan,
Marieke van der Schaaf
& Arthur Bakker
Proportional Reasoning and Embodiment: Insights From an Eye-Tracking Study
15:15 Tea/Coffee break
15:30 Raúl Sánchez-García A Characterization of Attentional Anchors Within The Learning Sciences
16:00 Paul Leseman Discussion
16:30 Drinks and Bites